How to stay healthy during exams

Get enough sleep

It is of utmost importance that you get enough sleep,especially on the night before your exam.Lack of sleep impairs memory and thinking,so if you stay up late to study ,you might find that you read more but remember less.So remember to allow yourself at least 8 hours of sleep a night.
Do some exercise

Taking regular exercise helps you stay alert and attentive throughout the day. It can also help you fall asleep at night! You don’t have to do anything too long or strenuous. A brisk 10-minute walk every hour or so is fine.

Eat smarter

Your brain needs food to work. Inadequate nutrition can leave you feeling exhausted and inattentive, while too much caffeine or sugar can make it hard to stay focused. For more effective study, try not using the energy drinks and the instant noodles, and have something healthy instead.

Fringe benefits

Staying healthy isn’t just good for your exam performance, but also your mood and your overall wellbeing. So have a happy and healthy exam period, and try to keep the good habits up through the break!


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