Things to note about your Library Loans

As a CTI/MGI student you enjoy generous borrowing entitlements. Take note of the following regarding loans:

  1. Students are allowed to borrow up to 4 books for only 2 weeks. Study guides can only be borrowed for a week or less depending on demand.

  2. Returning an item – items need to be returned on or before the due date but only for items that have not been reserved or requested by other students. 

  3. You can be penalized for the following: (a) If the book is late, the fees are from R10 p/day. (b) The state and condition of the book returned and (c) If an item has not been returned within 30 days after expiry date, your account will be debited with R250 per item. 

  4. Library items borrowed by any member is subject to recall  if needed by the library.

  5. Any items not returned or renewed within 90 days of the date due will be considered LOST.


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