How to stay healthy during exams

Get enough sleep

It is of utmost importance that you get enough sleep,especially on the night before your exam.Lack of sleep impairs memory and thinking,so if you stay up late to study ,you might find that you read more but remember less.So remember to allow yourself at least 8 hours of sleep a night.
Do some exercise

Taking regular exercise helps you stay alert and attentive throughout the day. It can also help you fall asleep at night! You don’t have to do anything too long or strenuous. A brisk 10-minute walk every hour or so is fine.

Eat smarter

Your brain needs food to work. Inadequate nutrition can leave you feeling exhausted and inattentive, while too much caffeine or sugar can make it hard to stay focused. For more effective study, try not using the energy drinks and the instant noodles, and have something healthy instead.

Fringe benefits

Staying healthy isn’t just good for your exam performance, but also your mood and your overall wellbeing. So have a happy and healthy exam period, and try to keep the good habits up through the break!


Online Book Club


Good afternoon BESTfordview students.

We know that you guys will be going on a study break soon to prepare for your exams. We also know that it is impossible to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With that in mind, we thought of starting an “online book club” just for you. When you are tired of studying and just need a refresher, or when you are done with your exams you’ll have something exciting to do – Read a book! 🙂

So this is how the book club is going to work. It will be mainly online but because we are AWESOME Librarians and we love you, if you have any questions on how all this is going to work, you can still come to the resource Centre and talk to us. In order to join this prestigious book club (wink* wink*), all you need to do is send an email to this address with your name and student number in the subject line and the phrase “Add me to the book club” in the body of your email. We will then send you a pdf of our first book of the month (which by the way is still a secret). Just know that it is one of the bestselling books in the world. Yay!

The second thing you need to do is to go on the site Bookshout, sign up and search for Memory Mukonde. After you have found me, “follow” me. If you are following me on the site, you’ll be able to see all the books I am currently reading and you can also download the ones you want from my profile. We will also look for more books to read from Bookshout. We can also comment and discuss the book we are currently reading on that site. However, if you struggling to do all this just download the Bookshout app onto your tablet or phone or just send me your email and I will invite you onto the site and you can join from the link sent to your email.

Easy peasy right? Happy reading to all of us! 🙂

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Available services in the Resource Centre

  • Lending services- there is book section where you collect your textbooks (for those who are still getting print books), sit and study, borrow hard copies of study guides and ebooks.

  • Seminar Rooms – these are specifically for group discussions only and rooms can be booked on the day by filling in a booking form. All students numbers of the group members need to be noted down and the maximum allowed time is one & a half hours for each group.

  • Wi-Fi access

  • PC usage – there are almost 100 computers available for students to use for research, typing and printing.

  • Assignment submissions and assistance – MGI students hand in their assignments in the Library. Every student (both from CTI or MGI) who needs help with assignments or any other kind of research needs to see the Librarian.

  • Training sessions on research, Turnitin, referencing to avoid plagiarism and requirements for assignment submissions

All those with overdue books ahoy!


We know some of you are scared of bringing your overdue books back to the Resource Centre but we think it’s time to return those overdue books!

So, we’ve made it easy for you… on….

Return all your overdue books and study guides by the 9th of October 2015.

No fines will be charged and no questions will be asked.

For real, you ask. For real. 

So, what are you waiting for?